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Tomato Cream Soup with balsamic cream and baguette

Beef Bouillon with a hearty filling, served with baguette

Pumpkin Cream Soup with chicken or prawn skewer (seasonal)

Pumpkin Cream Soup with prawn skewer

Fresh Salads

Einstein „Special“ served with fried prawns on seasonal salad with diced bacon and spring onions

Farmer’s Salad with tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onions, olives and sheep’s cheese

Vital Salad with fried chicken breast and mushrooms

Our salads are served with a choice of vinaigrette, balsamic vinegar or yoghurt dressing.

Prawns With Seasonal Vegetables


Prawns With Seasonal Vegetables served with fresh garlic fried in olive oil, served with baguette

Baked Camembert with cranberries, horseradish, toast and salad

“Krüstchen” a small cutlet of pork with fried egg and salad

Hawaiian Toast with cooked ham and pineapple, gratinated with cheese, served with cranberries


1 Margherita

2 Peppers & Onions

3 Tuna & Onions

4 Mushrooms & Ham

5 Ham & Pineapple

6 Tuna, Salami, Peppers & Onions

7 Tuna, Salami, Ham & Camembert

8 Vegetarian Pizza with various seasonal vegetables

Additional ingredients: olives, pepperoni, gorgonzola, salami, fresh tomatoes, anchovies or egg. Our pizzas are 28 in diameter.

Noodles And Casseroles

Tagliatelle Casserole as green noodles with tuna in garlic sauce and gratinated with cheese

Vegetarian Vegetable Casserole in parmesan sauce, gratinated with cheese

Tarte Flambée

„Alsatian Style“ with crème fraîche, raw ham, garlic, spring onions and cheese

„Mediterranean Style“ with crème fraîche, green olives, feta cheese, tomatoes and cheese au gratin

„Alaska Style“ with smoked salmon, crème fraîche, fresh salad and vinaigrette


Fried Potatoes with 2 fried eggs and salad garnish

Baked Potato filled with herb quark

Baked Salmon Potato served with herb quark, smoked salmon and salad garnish

Baked Shrimp Potato with fried vegetables and herb quark

Baked Vegetarian Potato with herb quark and fried vegetables

Baked Chicken Potato filled with herb quark, served with fried chicken breast fillet and salad

Wok Dishes

Chicken Wok with fried strips of chicken breast fillet, served with mediterranean vegetables and wok noodles, in spicy sauce

Vegetarian Wok with mediterranean vegetables and wok noodles in a spicy sauce

Shrimp Wok served with mediterranean vegetables, shrimps and wok noodles in a spicy sauce

Beef Wok served with mediterranean vegetables, beef strips and wok noodles in a spicy sauce

Rump Steak With Bacon Beans, 250g

Rump Steaks (BLOCK HOUSE)

Rump Steak With Herb Butter and salad garnish

Pepper Steak Garnished With Green Pepper and a salad plate

Pepper Steak With Pepper Sauce and salad garnish

Rump Steak With Fried Onion Rings, served with herb butter and a side salad

Steak „Strindberg“ served as rump steak in a mustard-onion-herb crust, with fresh salad

Rump Steak With Bacon Beans and herb butter

Rump Steak Garnished With Fresh Braised Mushrooms, served with herb butter and a salad plate

Each rump steak has a weight of 250g. We serve all of our steaks with the side options: French fries, roasted potatoes or croquettes.


Schnitzel „Viennese style“

Schnitzel Hollandaise

„Cordon Bleu“ Schnitzel

Schnitzel With Cream Sauce

Schnitzel With Zingara Sauce

Schnitzel With Fried Onion Rings

Schnitzel With Fresh Mushrooms

Schnitzel With Bacon Beans And Pepper Sauce

Hawaiian Schnitzel with boiled ham, pineapple and cheese au gratin

Chicken Nuggets with french fries, chili sauce and salad garnish

We serve all of our steaks with the side options: French fries, roasted potatoes or croquettes.  All our „Schnitzel“ variations can be made of chicken if requested.

Pan dishes

Two Pork Steaks gratinated with ham, tomatoes and cheese, with a light pepper sauce

Pork Medallions In Broccoli-Gorgonzola Cream Sauce served with a colorful salad plate

Pork Medallions With Hollandaise Sauce and vegetable garnish

Pork Medallions With Pepper Sauce and vegetable garnish

Pork Tenderloin Tips „Zurich Style“ in cream sauce, with mushrooms and butter noodles

Different Fillets of beef, chicken and pork with hollandaise sauce, pepper sauce and bacon beans

We serve all of our steaks with the side options: French fries, roasted potatoes or croquettes.

Side dishes

Side salad

French fries

Potato wedges

Sweet potato chips

Pizza bread with herb quark

Pizza bread with herb butter

Our staff gladly informs you about our seasonal desserts options.

We also offer almost all our dishes in smaller portion sizes. If you need any further information concerning allergens and additives please don’t hesitate to approach our service staff.